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Malacoda Operation Riptide CS:GO
Malacoda 22-09-2021 11:17

B Faz Solution for DOI loa...
B Faz 02-09-2021 01:48

Malacoda Depot Insurgency map
Malacoda 23-08-2021 01:33

Malacoda Where should I post ...
Malacoda 17-08-2021 16:36

Malacoda Community Guidelines
Malacoda 20-07-2021 23:12

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FFA Deathmatch
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Started: 20.07.21
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22-09-2021 11:19
Hey ho let's go Overjoyed

21-09-2021 21:39

14-08-2021 21:28
welcome! Smile

12-08-2021 11:38
sup Fragging
Web Links: Day Of Infamy Updates Info
March 23, 2017 Release Update
MARCH 23 & 24, 2017

Day of Infamy is LIVE!! We have released a final update for full release.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 79
Aussie Update Changelog May 18
MAY 18, 2017

We have launched Day of Infamy’s first major content update – the Aussie Update – free for all players. The update includes a new map, new weapon, four new units, ranking updates, and much more!
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 78
Brittany Update Patch Notes
OCTOBER 10, 2017
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 79
Day of Infamy Autumn Update Now Live
NOVEMBER 23, 2016

We have released a substantial new update for Day of Infamy today. It includes performance improvements, anti-cheat, destructible walls, bayonet charging, improved character art, helmets that fly off, a new map in testing, and more!
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 78
Day of Infamy Dismemberment Update
OCTOBER 28, 2016

Today we are excited to unveil our most significant update yet. We are referring to it as the Dismemberment Update, paying tribute to Halloween and the new character dismemberment feature.

In addition to dismemberment, this update contains a lot of new content including new map Salerno, based on Avalanche from Day of Defeat. This map is not only nostalgic for Day of Defeat players, but it is a ton of fun especially when combined with the new dismemberment feature and the new weapons that have been added to the game.

The new weapons include the Browning HP, Thompson M1A1, TNT/Sprengbuchse explosives, Panzerschreck, Nebelhandgranate and for coop only the scoped M1C Garand and suppressed Sten Mk. V.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 73
Day of Infamy Patch Jan 6
JANUARY 6, 2017
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 95
Day of Infamy Update February 9th
FEBRUARY 9 & 10, 2017

We are releasing an update to Day of Infamy today to add two new maps Crete and Foy, new and improved coop and PvP game modes, better optimization, visual improvements, balance changes, and more.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 75
Day of Infamy Update March 9th
MARCH 9 & 10, 2017

We are releasing an update today that adds a slew of new and updated content as well as fixes and balance changes. It includes a new co-op difficulty, new air support option, new voice over, new music, UI changes, updated ragdolls, and more. We are also announcing today Day of Infamy’s full release later this month on March 23rd. See here for the full announcement.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 88
Day of Infamy Update March 17th
MARCH 17 & 18, 2017

We are releasing an update today that adds a new tagline award system, new American voice over, new and updated UI elements, and more.

Mac users please be aware that while we have not yet resolved the issue with the traditional radial menu being broken, there are two other alternative radial modes available which should work fine. “Scrolling” and “Numbered” are both available in the Settings menu under “Radial Menu Control Style”. For mapmakers, please also be aware that in order to spawn in your map, you must add the allowed units in your map script. For an example of this, check our example map scripts located in sdk_content/maps/example.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 95
Day of Infamy Update March 22nd
MARCH 22, 2017

We are releasing an update today that adds new music, updates to the UI, optimization, bug fixes, and more in preparation for full release tomorrow. The radial menu issues on Mac and Linux have been fixed, so thank you to those who gave us reports and specs of the issue.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 78
Day of Infamy Update March 28th
MARCH 28, 2017

Today we have released a small update to address a number of minor issues.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 77
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