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Conquer Update Changelist October 27, 2015
OCTOBER 27, 2015

We are releasing an update to Insurgency today, which includes a new map, Linux support, new weapons, new weapon attachments, a new coop game mode, new AI, spectator improvements, improved grenade mechanics, grenade launcher sights, and more.

This update will be a large download because we have reworked our coop maps and merged them into our main maps. This means we now have support for Outpost Night, Hunt Day, Survival Day. There are now over three times the amount of cooperative scenarios, and the game takes up 1.5 gigabytes less space.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 386
Embassy Update Changelist September 18, 2015
SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

We are releasing an update to Insurgency today, which adds a new map Embassy, a compass HUD element, new Squad Leader radial menu, new voice commands, and various other fixes and improvements. There should also be a noticeable improvement in stability for OS X users.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 381
Free “Hunt” DLC Released!
AUGUST 4, 2014

Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 320
Hot Fix November 19, 2015
NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 358
Hotfix February 26, 2015
FEBRUARY 27, 2015

We’re putting out a hotfix today that will address the difficulties Mac users were having with the game not properly starting. This fix may not work for all Mac players, in particular those who are on older versions of OSX. We are working to fix it, and if you are still having issues with OSX, please post in our thread here. UPDATE: OSX 10.6 should now be functional. We’ve also made changes to the end round overtime for Firefight as well as other miscellaneous fixes.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 349
Hunt Changelist
AUGUST 4, 2014
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 371
Insurgency Patch Changelist May 26, 2016
MAY 26, 2016

We have released an update that includes a new map and numerous features, fixes and improvements. The new map is called Dry Canal, originally created by community member Tribly and a finalist in our Gamebanana level design contest last year.

We are also releasing the foundation for our competitive ranking system. The system is not fully functional yet, but the game now loads the web-based system that will evolve into the competitive component. We can begin to update our competitive and stats systems without requiring a game update.

We know our competitive community are anxiously awaiting the competitive matchmaking features, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. You can expect to see ingame progress in the near future, and if you want a preview of our competitive features, we will be creating a Competitive Testing group on Steam which will give you early access to features before they are introduced to everyone else. We will use this group to test the systems on a smaller base of users and solicit feedback.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 354
Insurgency Patch Changelist October 5, 2016
OCTOBER 5, 2016

Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 378
Insurgency Patch February 8
FEBRUARY 8 & 9, 2017

We are releasing a patch for Insurgency today that includes the addition of BattlEye anti-cheat, fixes to Ambush mode, Competitive playlist tweaks, and many more improvements and bug fixes.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 373
Insurgency Patch February 22
FEBRUARY 22 & 23, 2017

We are releasing a patch today to address some issues with the game. We have removed the Compete section as it requires maintenance and resources that we have allocated elsewhere. When we launched the Compete section of Insurgency, our intent was to continue iteration on the system and game design of what ‘Competitive’ could be. However, as we outlined in a recent blog post, our priorities have shifted. As a testing grounds, the experiment was successful as we have learned lessons that are influencing how we design and implement features, such as stats and rankings, into our games. Thank you to the competitive players that offered their feedback and time with the system.
Date Added: 27.07.21 Visits: 376
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23-07-2022 00:36
sourcemod bug on csgo is now fixed Applause

26-10-2021 11:06
dudez 4 doi!

22-09-2021 11:19
Hey ho let's go Overjoyed

21-09-2021 21:39

14-08-2021 21:28
welcome! Smile

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