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Early 21st Classic Multiplayer Shooters

Arena, Tactics & Military...All At Once


The Malebolge Combat is about keeping alive the magic of legendary multiplayer first-person shooters belonging to a quite specific gaming age -around y2k time- that were hugely popular, and even now, it is still common to come across interested newcomers along with veteran fans while playing.

Legendary Games

Battlefield 1942, Counter-Strike, Day Of Defeat, Half-Life, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and more classics.

Dedicated public servers with the most iconic titles from back then, with almost no mods or plugins installed for the sake of authenticity. Bots are the only addons available, and they are out as soon as the battle gets hot with human players.

This website is maintained so that all our members have a place to get necessary resources for the games, find news about what's going on, get help with a game or technical issues, and to just hang out.

Membership is free and open to everyone. Register for free and you can use the forums, download maps, games, patches, guides, and make requests. If you have a technical issue, leave a message in our Forums. There is no compromise to make monetary contributions for hosting maintenance.

If you have a question or need help with something that can only be answered by the admins of this site, Contact Us.

Public Server Rules


Our public servers are made available to the gaming community to foster activity and to provide enjoyment for our members. As a guest in our virtual house, we expect that you will abide by our simple and non-intrusive rules. Thanks for your cooperation and welcome to our servers!


  • No conduct that constitutes cheating, hacking, or exploiting of game conditions for unintended advantage is permitted. Players shall not pursue any means to alter the environment of the game in such a manner as to gain any advantage over other players, nor shall they transmit to the server or to any other player any deleterious request or command. Violators will be banned from the server on the first offense without warning.
  • No conduct that abuses other players or that is disruptive to the good operation of the server is permitted. Players will maintain a civil atmosphere and shall refrain from abusing or harassing other players. Players shall refrain from using excessive harsh profanity or any form of racial or sexual slur. Players shall not interrupt the flow of the game with excessive arguments or any conduct determined to be disorderly.
  • Spamming chat (text or voice) is not permitted. Voice chat shall not be used for any purpose other than advancing game communication. Music, sound files, and static content shall not be broadcast.
  • Players shall not transmit to the server or to other players any content that is lewd or pornographic. This includes player sprays, avatar images, or any other user-generated content.


  • No intentional team killing or destruction of team assets is permitted. Players shall not sabotage team assets such as vehicles or deliberately permit them to be stolen or harmed by opposing players.
  • Team assets such as weapons and vehicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no reservation of team assets. Whoever gets to the asset first is entitled to unencumbered use of the asset without interference from teammates.
  • All strategies and tactics are considered valid unless explicitly prohibited. This includes "camping" and "base killing" and other lame kills. It is the responsibility of the player to adjust to unfavorable battle conditions rather than to appeal for intervention for things they consider "unfair."
  • Cooperate with your teammates and respect less experienced players. Work together to achieve the common game objectives and don't give too much grief to the rookies; helping new players experience the game is essential to the future health of the community.


  • Follow the commands of our server operators. Do not instigate conflict with our operators.
  • No commercial advertising of products or services is permitted on the servers. 
  • No impersonation of any person or false association is permitted. Any person wearing a clan tag must be a member of that organization. No deception of affiliation or impersonation will be tolerated.
  • Any foreign language may be spoken in chat. We do not have an "English only" rule on our servers.
  • Players must respond to operator requests in English. Players who speak foreign languages must be able to understand these rules and communicate on demand with our server operators in English.

To report issues of enforcement of these rules or any abusive actions by our server operators, see our Contact Us page.

We reserve the right to remove any player from our servers for any reason and without notice.



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